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Earn Your 24 CE Credits in Radiology Online

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If your ARRT certification deadline is rapidly approaching and you don’t yet have all of your CE credits, it can be tempting to choose courses willy-nilly just to fit them in. A great alternative is to go with a certified CE provider, such as EverLearn

How to make the most of your ARRT CE credits this biennium.

Maximizing Radiology CE

RTs, you know it’s coming. Since 1995, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) has required at least 24 continuing education (CE) credits every two years.....

Ohio GXMO and Radiographer Continuing Education Credits

What are the CE Requirements for GXMOs and Radiographers Licensed in Ohio and Where can I Find Easy Credits?

In the state of Ohio each licensed Radiographer and General X-Ray Machine Operator (GXMO) is required to complete 12 hours of radiology continuing education (CE) credits in order to maintain and renew their Ohio state license. The credits must be completed before your license expiration date.

Free Radiology CE Credits Online from EverLearn

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Radiology CE Credits Online for Radiologic Technologists in New York

Fulfill Your New York Radiology CE Requirements with Our Online Radiology CE Courses

All radiologic technologists desiring to practice in the state of New York are required to obtain a certificate of registration with the New York State Department of Health. 

Texas MRT X-Ray CE Courses, Credits, and Requirements

Meet Your MRT CE Requirements for Texas with EverLearn’s Online CE Courses

General MRTs and Limited MRTs are medical radiologic technologists (MRT) who are licensed with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) to perform radiography exams in the state of Texas.

General MRTs are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every 24 months.

Limited MRTs are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education (CE) every 24 months.

An easy way to fulfill your Texas MRT CE requirements is to enroll in EverLearn’s formal CE courses that are approved for Category A credit.

Easily Fulfill Your NCT Continuing Education Online with EverLearn

A CE Experience that’s Convenient, Flexible and Stress Free!

NCT Radiologic Technicians licensed to practice in the state of Texas with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) are required to complete 12 hours of NCT continuing education (CE) every 24 months. The 24 month period is based on the technicians biennial registration and not the regular calendar year.

In this 24 month period one way to easily fulfill the CE requirement is to enroll in NCT continuing education online with EverLearn!

South Carolina Radiology CE Requirements for License Recertification

Where can I get my South Carolina Radiology CE credit hours for my license recertification?

If your searching for an affordable way to obtain your South Carolina radiology CE credit hours without the stress and frustration, look no further! You can take EverLearn’s online CE courses to earn the number of CE hours required for your license recertification.

Tennessee X-Ray License Continuing Education Requirements and Renewal

For Full Certification and Limited Certification X-Ray Operators

X-Ray technologists and operators licensed in the state of Tennessee are required to renew their certification license every biennial renewal date. The biennial renewal date takes place every two years and coincides with the certificate holder’s birthday.

Where to Find Florida Radiology CEU Courses and How to Decipher the State’s Requirements

Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) or Basic X-Ray Machine Operators (BXMO or BMO) licensed in the State of Florida must complete continuing education as a requirement of license renewal. 

Each Florida State radiology license/certificate is valid for 2 years. Within that 2 year period, prior to renewing your license, you and all other Florida technologists must complete 12 hours of continuing education, otherwise known as Florida radiology CEUs. 

There’s good news! EverLearn is an approved radiology CEU provider with the State of Florida.