Earn Your 24 CE Credits in Radiology Online

EverLearn Bundle Packs provide everything you need to satisfy Your Radiology CE requirements.

Continuing education courses are great for professional development, but it can be hard to fit them in when you’re already busy with your career. Still, The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) requires you to earn 24 CE credits in radiology, online or in person, every two years in order to renew your license and certification.

There are lots of options out there, and you need to make sure that you’re getting all of your credits from the right organization to ensure that the ARRT® will accept them for certification and renewal.

If your ARRT® certification deadline is rapidly approaching and you don’t yet have all of your CE credits, it can be tempting to choose courses willy-nilly just to fit them in. A great alternative is to go with a certified CE provider, such as EverLearn, that can provide multiple online courses as a packaged deal, so you can take care of your ARRT® CE requirements in one fell swoop.

The 24 CE Credits Biennial Requirement

Since 1995, the ARRT® has required radiologic technicians to complete 24 credits of continuing education every two years, also known as the biennium. These credits can be completed at any point during the biennium, but all 24 CE credits in radiology must be completed before radiologic technicians can renew their license.

After you’re first certified, the biennium begins on the first day of your birth month and ends two years later, on the last day of the month prior to your birth month.

Various courses qualify for various amounts of CE credit, so you have to do the math if you’re picking radiology CE on a course-by-course basis. Completing one course might give you 6 CE credit hours, while another might only be 2.75 CE credit hours.

Instead, why not choose EverLearn bundle packs, which are worth 12 or more credits. Two bundle packs completed and you’re good to go!

Bundle Packs of Radiology CE Credits

Earn 24 CE Credits in Radiology Online with Approved Courses

You can complete your radiology CE requirements via online providers, but beware: Your CE credits must be evaluated and approved Category A or A+ by a body recognized by the ARRT®.

All EverLearn courses, for example, are approved Category A credits by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and will be accepted for the ARRT® certification and renewal.

This is what makes selecting individual courses so tricky: Some providers—especially larger, non-specialized organizations that provide CE for a wide range of medical professionals—might offer some approved radiologic CE alongside other courses that aren’t approved.

So, why risk it? Earn your 24 CE credits in radiology online with EverLearn and you’ll be sure to complete Category A credits that are accepted for the ARRT® certification and renewal.

Bundle Packs of Radiology CE Credits

Make It Easy to Earn 24 CE Credits in Radiology Online by Choosing EverLearn Bundle Packs

If you haven’t yet started your CE for this biennium, and especially if you’re running out of time to satisfy the requirements, EverLearn’s online Bundle Packs take the work out of course selection and adding up the required number of CE credits. You have a choice of bundle packages that combine anywhere from two approved courses to five approved courses, with each Bundle Pack adding up to a total of 12 credit hours or more.

So, when the biennium is almost over and your licensing renewal crunch time comes, technologists can grab a couple of CE Bundle Packs from EverLearn’s website, complete the courses online, and boom: Your 24 CE credits in radiology are satisfied for another two years.

Here’s to completing your 24 CE credits online in a convenient and seamless way with EverLearn!

Happy Imaging!!