How to make the most of your Radiology CE credits this biennium.

Maximizing Radiology CE

Radiologic Technologists, you know it’s coming. Since 1995, The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) has required at least 24 continuing education (CE) credits every two years in order to ensure the competency of its professionals nationwide. The ARRT® created this biennium prerequisite—which must be completed before a radiologic technologists license can be renewed—to provide a mechanism for technologists to maintain competence, to reinforce the organization’s Code of Ethics, and to demonstrate accountability to peers in the healthcare industry.

Continuing education is a professional obligation—but it’s also an opportunity for radiologic technologists to further their own abilities and to contribute to the overall quality of care delivered by the American medical community. By investing in high-quality continuing-education courses that award radiology CE credits, technologists can quickly and conveniently expand their talents, master the latest techniques and technologies, and establish themselves as top-tier providers.

Where do I find the right CE courses and Radiology CE credits for ARRT® Certification and Renewal?

First, be sure that your continuing-education courses has been evaluated by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) and that the courses you take are Category A or A+. (Check section 21 of the ARRT®’s Continuing Education Requirements for a list of approved RCEEMs.) 

The ARRT® CE credit standards align closely with most state requirements, too. To avoid confusion, look for CE credits and programs like EverLearn, which only offers Category A courses as evaluated by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, an ARRT® approved RCEEM organization.

EverLearn Category A CE Credits

What else should I look for in a CE program?

Choose a program that delivers CE courses via a straightforward, intuitive and convenient platform. Rather than turning to a large-scale medical CE company that works in quantity of coursework rather than quality, a company that specializes in X-ray/radiography CE, like EverLearn, focuses on delivering the specific courses you need without superficial distractions. Frustration only hampers your education, and maximizing CE should be a positive, stress-free experience.

EverLearn Category A CE Credits

What sorts of courses should I take to earn my CE credits for ARRT® Certification and Renewal?

Look for courses that cover topics relevant to your area of practice. Not only will these courses best serve your professional performance, but their relevance to your day-to-day work will make them that much more engaging, furthering their educational effectiveness and leading to long-term retention. EverLearn even offers a selection of “Bundle Packs” that group together courses that are applicable to particular specialties. Or, you can choose from a selection of single courses.

When should I take my CE courses?

Lastly, embrace CE all biennium long. There’s nothing wrong with knocking out all 24 CE credits in a single, end-of-the-biennium CE binge. But in the spirit of professional enhancement and overall dedication to your peers and your patients, you can make convenient Radiology CE credits and coursework a regular part of your professional experience. It’s part of what makes you an invaluable member of the medical community.

Here’s to completing your Radiology CE credits for your ARRT® Certification and Renewal. Happy Imaging!!