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EverLearn is your one stop shop for fulfilling your radiology continuing education (CE) requirements

When it comes to continuing education credits for radiology license renewal, EverLearn’s satisfaction guarantee covers a lot of bases. Our CE credits for radiology techs have to satisfy The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) continuing education requirements. The ARRT® demands that CE courses are effective and educational, and that the material being taught is consistent with current healthcare industry standards.

But EverLearn’s CE credits also have to satisfy the needs of you, the radiology technologist who takes these courses. EverLearn guarantees radiology CE credits and courses that are convenient, simple to complete, yet comprehensive, high-quality and relevant. EverLearn’s satisfaction guarantee also extends to the online course-taking platform, which is intuitive, easy-to-use, and free from distractions.

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Radiology CE Courses

CE Credits for Radiology That Are Accepted for ARRT® Certification and Renewal

The ARRT® continuing education requirements require that licensed radiologic technologists complete at least 24 CE credits every two years. In order for the credits to count toward the ARRT® biennial CE requirements, CE credits for radiology have to be evaluated and approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM).

EverLearn only offers courses that have been approved for category A credit by the American Society of Radiologic Technologies (ASRT). The ASRT is an ARRT® recognized RCEEM. That means that all of EverLearn’s radiology CE courses can be used towards your ARRT® Certification and Renewal!

Radiology CE Courses

CE Courses for Radiology that Meet YOUR Standards

Radiologic technologists maintain high professional standards, which include CE that helps you keep up with changes and updates in the medical industry. Satisfying the CE needs of radiologic technologist's is two-fold:

1. Effective, up-to-date coursework that provides relevant professional enhancement.
2. Convenient radiology CE and an easy-to-use platform that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and schedule.

Just because CE credits for radiology are a professional obligation doesn’t mean the courses should be cursory or superficial. CE requirements are an opportunity to hone and expand your professional radiologic skills.

Nor should CE inconvenience you. You already have a full set of professional and personal obligations. The EverLearn platform is designed to fit into your timetable, so that you can earn your CE credits easily without disrupting your life.

Radiology CE Courses

EverLearn Specializes in X-ray/Radiography CE

Because radiology techs, like most professionals in the medical industry, must earn 24 CE credits for radiology every two years in order to renew their licenses, many companies try to cash in on those requirements by offering many CE courses across a range of specialties. This high-volume approach often results in sub-par educational standards and/or hastily thrown-together online platforms.

EverLearn specializes in CE specifically for medical imaging technologists. EverLearn courses are dedicated to radiologic sciences and the medical imaging field, and as such, they include information that is specific to these specialities.

You don’t want to “rubber-stamp” your CE credits. Since you’re required to spend time earning your CE credits anyway, you should make sure that they’re an effective and worthy use of your time and money while also being convenient, seamless, and stress-free! EverLearn is just that and offers the biggest educational bang for your buck.

So, the next time you’re in need of CE credits for radiology, look no further as EverLearn is here to help!

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