Radiology CE Credits: EverLearn Online Courses Take the Stress Out of Biennium Deadlines

Online Learning, Testing, and Certificates Make It Easy to Earn CE Credits on Time for the ARRT® Certification and Renewal

Earning your Radiologic Technologist (R.T.®) certification from The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) is a great accomplishment—but it requires ongoing work and diligent efforts to maintain that designation in good standing throughout your career. Not only must you renew your certification and registration renewal each year, but you must also meet biennial continuing education (CE) requirements. Currently, all radiologic technologists must complete 24 CE credits biennially. Don't worry. EverLearn is here for you. We offer bundle packs of CE courses so you can easily earn all 24 credits.

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Biennial Deadlines for CE Credits for ARRT® Certification and Renewal

A radiologic technologist’s certification and registration period is linked to his or her birth month. Each year, an application for renewal must be filed with the ARRT® before the end of the month preceding the radiologic technologist's birth month. While certification and registration are renewed annually, Radiologic Technologists have two years to complete their required CE credits—a period referred to as their biennium reporting period.

Some technologists aim to complete 12 CE credits per year to stay on schedule with their ARRT® certification and renewal; others regard the biennium reporting period as an opportunity to take a break from radiology courses for a year before having to earn the required credits the following year. Either way, all radiologic technologists must accrue a total of 24 CE credits before the end of their biennium reporting period and maintain proof of participation for those CE activities.

EverLearn Online Radiology Courses Simplify the CE Process

CE requirements for the ARRT® certification and renewal can be a source of stress and anxiety, particularly for those whose biennium reporting period is fast approaching. In the past, this often meant ordering textbooks, mailing or faxing back exams, and waiting for the test results and certificate of completion. EverLearn CE was established in response to radiologic technologists' demand for a faster, easier, and more convenient way to earn CE credits for the ARRT® certification and renewal.

With EverLearn, the entire CE process takes place online—from browsing and purchasing online radiology courses, to reviewing the course materials and completing the post-test, to obtaining exam results and receiving a certificate of completion—making it possible (and easy) to earn same-day CE credits. In a matter of minutes, radiologic technologists can complete the checkout process, log into the online classroom, and be on their way to meeting their biennium reporting deadline. Multiple courses (ranging from 1 to 8.5 credits each) and convenient multi-course bundle packs give learners the flexibility to choose the course topics and credit hours that best suit their needs.

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Online Learning Offers an Expedient Solution for CE Probation

The ability to earn same-day CE credits with EverLearn means you’ll never have to miss a CE deadline, as long as you purchase and complete your courses before the end of your biennium reporting period. But suppose time has gotten away from you and you’ve missed your deadline—what happens then? If you’ve submitted your application for renewal but were unable to complete all 24 CE credits in time, you’ll be placed on CE probation until you make up the remaining credits, and your credential card will reflect that probationary status.

CE probation is essentially a six-month grace period in which radiologic technologists are allowed to complete the CE credits they need to fulfill the 24-credit requirement for the ARRT® certification and renewal. Those who earn the necessary credits can then submit a CE Probation Report Form and a $50 fee; when compliance is confirmed, CE Probation status will be removed and a new credential card will be issued. While the ARRT® allows a grace period to catch up on missing CE credits, time is of the essence—another missed deadline will result in discontinuation of certification and registration. View the ARRT® Continuing Education Requirements document, section 9, to read about CE probation status.  

To ensure you don’t miss your extended deadline, it’s best to purchase your CE courses as soon as possible. With EverLearn, all of your purchased courses will appear in your online dashboard; you can then complete each course on your own schedule. The sooner you earn your remaining CE credits, the sooner you’ll receive your new credential card—and the more time you’ll have to complete the next 24 credits for your current biennium.

Mix and Match Single Courses or Bundle Packs to Earn 24 CE Credits for ARRT® Certification and Renewal

If you haven’t yet earned any of the CE credits due for your current biennium reporting period, you can acquire all 24 credits in one purchase with two value-priced CE bundle packs from EverLearn. Each bundle pack is worth at least 12 CE units and contains multiple courses. For example, if you purchase Bundle Pack 1 and Bundle Pack 2, you’ll have access to eight courses worth a combined total of 24.75 CE credits.

If you’ve already completed some of the CE credits required for your current biennium reporting period, you have a couple of options to earn the remaining credits. If you purchase an EverLearn bundle pack, you have the flexibility to complete just the number of credits needed for your current biennium while saving any remaining courses for your next biennium. Alternately, you can purchase single courses based on the number of CE credits you need to meet your biennium reporting requirements for your ARRT® certification and renewal.

Bundle Packs of 12-24 Radiology CE Credits

Easily Track and Confirm CE Credits Using the EverLearn Dashboard

When you purchase online radiology courses from EverLearn, all purchased and completed courses are displayed in your personal dashboard. (Tip: Always use the same email address when purchasing courses to ensure you don’t end up with multiple dashboards under separate logins.) By default, the login screen displays all Enrolled Courses (those purchased but not yet completed), making it easy to track your progress toward your biennium reporting goals. You can also see all of the CE credits you’ve earned to date by clicking the Completed Courses tab. This summary view lists each course title along with its CE credit value, test score, and completion date, and you also have the option to quickly relaunch the course or instantly download your certificate of completion—making it easy to provide the ARRT® with proof of participation.

EverLearn Guarantees Satisfaction and Acceptance of CE Credits for ARRT® Certification and Renewal

For CE credits to be honored for ARRT certification and renewal, CE courses must have been evaluated and approved for Category A or A+ credit by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). All EverLearn courses are approved for Category A credit by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), which holds current RCEEM status. This means radiologic technologists who complete online radiology courses through EverLearn are guaranteed to earn CE credits accepted for their ARRT® certification and renewal.

EverLearn also offers a satisfaction guarantee—if technologists are not satisfied with their online learning experience, EverLearn will refund the purchase price provided CE credit has not been awarded. Therefore, all EverLearn purchases are risk-free; you’ll either earn CE credits accepted for ARRT® certification and renewal, or you’ll get your money back.

If you’re ready to try an easier, faster, and more convenient way to meet your biennium reporting requirements, purchase your courses to sign up and start earning CE credits today!


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