Where to Find Florida Radiology CEU Courses and How to Decipher the State’s Requirements

Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) or Basic X-Ray Machine Operators (BXMO or BMO) licensed in the State of Florida must complete continuing education as a requirement of license renewal.

Each Florida State radiology license/certificate is valid for 2 years. Within that 2 year period, prior to renewing your license, you and all other Florida technologists must complete 12 hours of continuing education, otherwise known as Florida radiology CEUs.

There’s good news! EverLearn is an approved radiology CEU provider with the State of Florida.

ALL of our online radiology CEU courses have been approved by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, (FDOH-BRC). The Florida DOH-BRC Course number found on each EverLearn certificate of completion verifies this. You can find us listed as a continuing education (CE) provider on the FDOH-BRC website here.

All 12 Florida Radiology CEU credits can be easily obtained by signing up for one of EverLearn’s Bundle Packs of CEU courses. Each Bundle Pack is worth at least 12 Florida Radiology CEU credits.

EverLearn's Online Florida Radiology CEU Courses

Our Bundle Packs are a great way to easily complete your continuing education requirements for your radiologic technologist (CRT license) license or your Basic X-Ray machine operator license (BMO license).

And, in addition, all EverLearn courses are also accepted for The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) certification and renewal. Therefore, if you have an ARRT® license as well as a Florida license, you can most certainly use these CEU credits towards both license renewals.

Florida Radiology CEU Requirements Step by Step

A total of 12 CEU Credits is Required
A total of 12 hours of continuing education (CE) credits are required each 2 year license renewal period/cycle.

Just a reminder, if you also carry an ARRT® license (The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists®), you are required to obtain 24 CEU credits every 2 years. Good news, EverLearn CEU courses can be used both for a Florida CRT/BXMO license and for ARRT® certification and renewal.

Florida Radiology Continuing Education Requirements

No More than 3 Credits can be Categorized as Personal Development
No more than 3 of the 12 CEs can be classified as personal development, which are courses NOT directly related to the radiologic sciences and our field of practice as radiologic technologists (i.e. CPR).

The remaining CE credit hours (7+) must be classified as technical credits and should relate to the radiological sciences (i.e. radiation protection, disease processes, equipment operation, radiation physics, positioning, etc.).

All courses and Florida radiology CEU credits earned with EverLearn are approved for technical credit with the State of Florida.

So, when you take all 12 CEUs with EverLearn you can rest assured that you are fulfilling this requirement for your Florida CRT or BXMO license renewal.

All CEU Credits Must Be Completed in the Current Two Year Renewal Period
All Florida CEU credits used to renew your CRT or BXMO license must be completed and earned in the current two year renewal period/cycle.

Are you wondering how to find out what your two year renewal period or cycle is?

It’s easy, pull out your Florida Certified Radiologic Technologist license (CRT) or Basic X-Ray Machine Operator license (BXMO). You know, the paper version that gets postal mailed to you.

Then located the expiration date on the license. The license renewal period/cycle is two years prior to that expiration date.

For example, if the expiration date on my license was November 30, 2020. Then my two year license renewal period would be from December 1, 2018 through November 30, 2020. And, I would be required to complete 12 Florida Radiology CEUs within that two year period.

You can also locate your license expiration date by signing into Florida’s Medical Quality Assurance online portal (see image below). All you have to do is sign into your account and click the “Show Details” button to see the details and current status of your Florida Radiologic Technology license.

Florida MQA Online Services

If you’ve renewed your Florida CRT or BXMO license online in the past then you have an online login with the State of Florida and you can log in here.

If you have not renewed online in the past, you can start the registration process online here. Once you’ve landed on that page, just click the “No” button and then the “Register” button and you’ll be taken to the online application to register.

CEU Courses Can’t be Repeated in the Same Two Year License Renewal Period
Radiology CEU courses used to renew your license can’t be repeated and used multiple times in the same two year license renewal period.

However, courses CAN be repeated in a subsequent renewal period/cycle.

For example, if I complete a Florida radiology CEU course worth 6 CEU credits, I can’t take that course twice to satisfy the 12 CEU credits required for my current license renewal. However, I can take that same course again in the future during my next two year license renewal period. I hope this makes sense! If you have any questions, hit us up and send a message via our online contact form.

It’s Required to Complete a 1 Hour HIV/Aids CEU Course - But it’s Free! Read Below.
You must also complete a 1 hour HIV/Aids course for license renewal. This can be easily accomplished, for FREE, by reading Florida’s Omnibus AIDS Act: A Brief Legal Guide for Healthcare Professionals.

Then during the license renewal process, you’ll document this by acknowledging and saying yes you’ve read this document. It’s that easy, and did I mention, it’s FREE!! :)

Recommended EverLearn Radiology CEU Courses for Florida CRT or BXMO License Renewal

Pick and choose! Any of the EverLearn Radiology CE Bundle Packs will provide the 12 Florida Radiology CEUs needed for your license renewal.

EverLearn's Online Florida Radiology CEU Courses

All courses and CEU credits in our bundle packs have been approved by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, for technical CE credits. And, since 12 CEU credits are required for license renewal, our bundle packs are a great option!

Bundle Pack 1 is worth 12 CEU credits and includes 5 online CE courses.

Bundle Pack 2 is worth a total of 12.75 CEU credits and includes 3 CE courses.

Bundle Pack 3 is worth 12.5 CEU credits and includes 2 CE courses.

Any of these bundle packs are a great option to fulfill your Florida Radiology CEU requirements for renewing either your CRT or BXMO radiologic technologist license.

Are you looking for less than 12 CEU credits? No problem, we’ve got you covered there too! Check out our vast array of single CEU courses you can choose from.

Reporting Florida Radiology CEU Credits to the Florida Department of Health

On behalf of technologists, EverLearn submits completed Florida radiology CEU credits to the State of Florida once the course has been completed and CEU credit has been earned. We submit credits to the State once per week.

However, the CE coordinator with the State says that it can take 2-4 weeks for the credits to be processed. Because of this, we recommend completing your CE credits at least 4 months prior to renewing your license if at all possible.

If your renewal is fast approaching, and your CEU credits don’t get processed in time don’t worry!

If this happens and you should need to renew your license prior to your credits being processed, the CE coordinator with the state says you can either upload your certificates through your online account with the state.

Alternatively, you can fax your certificates to their office at 850-245-4791 or email them to mqaonlineservice@flhealth.gov.

And, just an FYI, the State of Florida Department of Health will only be able to accept CEU credits from technologists if you have received your renewal notice.

If you’d like to review Florida Radiology CEU requirements you can read an overview on the Florida Department of Health’s website here.

Wrap Up

I totally get it! Sometimes completing your Florida Radiology CEU credits in time for your license renewal can be stressful and time consuming.

Rest assured though that EverLearn is here for you!

Our online radiology CEU courses are accessible at any time, any place, and from anywhere (as long as you have high speed internet and a computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Now, you can take a deep breath and breathe a sigh of relief! Because with EverLearn you can easily and conveniently meet your Florida CEU requirements, even if your on a time crunch and waited to the the last minute.

Give EverLearn CE courses a try! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed :)

EverLearn's Online Florida Radiology CEU Courses