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All radiologic technologists desiring to practice in the state of New York are required to obtain a certificate of registration with the New York State Department of Health.

Each radiologic technologist licensed and registered in the state of New York is required to complete 12 radiology CE credits each year in order to maintain their state license/registration.

Radiology CE Courses

Therefore, to re-register with the state every radiologic technologist must provide evidence or documentation for completing the radiology continuing education requirements of 12 credits per year. There are two ways for technologists to do this:

  1. Provide the New York State Department of Health with a copy of your current ARRT® certification or NMTCB certification. The state views this as acceptable evidence of continuing education compliance.
  2. Or, submit proof of 12 completed radiology CE credits per year for every year since the last registration. You must choose CE credits approved by an accredited organization approved by the New York State Department of Health and accepted by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) or NMTCB. Good news, all EverLearn CE courses and credits are approved for Category A credit by the ASRT and accepted for the ARRT® certification and renewal and New York State Department of Health.

The Department may choose to waive the CE requirement of a technologist who is applying for registration for the first time if he or she has recently completed an education program in radiologic technology.

Radiology CE Courses

Am I required to keep documentation of my completed radiology continuing education credits?

The quick answer is yes! Documentation of completed radiology CE credits is to be submitted to the New York State Department of Health if you’re not providing proof of current registration with the ARRT® or NMTCB.

Keep in mind that with the ARRT® random audits will be done to assure compliance with CE requirements. If you’re audited, then this documentation of completed radiology CE credits must be provided.

With EverLearn this is easy as your certificates of completion of radiology CE credits are stored in the EverLearn online learning system. So, if you ever get audited and you’ve misplaced your certificates all you have to do is sign back into your EverLearn account, re-download your certificates, and then send them off to the organization requesting documentation.

Radiology CE Courses

Where can I find the New York State Department of Health Radiology Continuing Education Guidelines and Regulations?

If you’d like to review the New York State Department of Health CE requirements for yourself, the information can be found on their website, under the FAQs, and in the Part 89 Regulations.

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Radiology CE Courses
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