Radiology CEU that’s Online, Doesn’t Suck, and Created with the Rad Tech in Mind

CEU For Radiologic Technologists, Created by Radiologic Technologists

It’s that time of the year again. You know what I’m talking about. The renewal of your radiology license is creeping up and you’ve realized you’re in need of some Radiology CEU courses and credits.

Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place! At EverLearn we offer online radiology CEU courses that don’t suck! Our courses are convenient, stress free, and user-friendly. You can take them online anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We even offer a content review button that allows you to easily access the course content during the test to help you answer the questions easily!

EverLearn Radiology CEU Courses

Upon completion of your radiology CEU with EverLearn your certificates of completion will be available immediately for download and a PDF copy will be automatically emailed to you as well.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee! We stand behind our courses and promise you’ll be satisfied with your online radiology CEU experience with EverLearn. If not, we will gladly refund your purchase provided that CEU credit has not been awarded.

Give EverLearn a try for your radiology CEU needs. We’re confident that you’ll find the experience seamless, convenient, easy, and valuable. But don’t believe us, believe the feedback from our customers.

Why Do you Say EverLearn Radiology CEU Doesn’t Suck?

Because it doesn’t!

I know, I know…...that’s bold of us. But after thousands of CE courses sold, and much feedback from technologists/customers, we’re confident that the EverLearn radiology CEU experience rises above the rest. Here’s what some of our past customers have said:

“I decided to explore my options [for radiology CEU credits] this year and I’m so happy I did! … I absolutely love the fact that your bundle options include 12 CE credits each at an affordable price. … As a bonus, I actually enjoyed the courses. Setup and navigation was so easy throughout the site, but most of all I loved the convenient exam process. I will definitely be using EverLearn again.”
—Brittiney, Louisiana

“Your site is awesome. Very user-friendly. I will definitely be recommending this to all my co-workers and anyone I overhear needing CEs.”
—David, Texas

“It was one of the least stressful tests I have ever had. I will recommend highly.”
—Gina, New Jersey

EverLearn Radiology CEU Courses

How Do I Get Started and Sign Up for EverLearn Radiology CEU Courses?

To get started all you have to do is purchase the Radiology CEU courses you want to be enrolled in.

1. Just "Add to Cart" the courses you want to take.

2. Then click the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.

3. Proceed through the online checkout process just like any other online purchase.

Once your purchase processes stay on that webpage and you'll be automatically launched into the online learning platform where you will set your login password.

Then you’ll have immediate access to your online courses and can sign in and out of the system completing your radiology CEU courses at your convenience.

You can purchase EverLearn Radiology CEU courses individually or in bundle packs. Check out the links below to browse our course offerings.
Bundle Packs
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Thanks so much for your interest in EverLearn Radiology CEU courses!. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Cheers and happy imaging!