South Carolina Radiology CE Requirements for License Recertification

Online CE courses for the busy radiologic technologist

The South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association (SCRQSA) has established continuing education requirements for license recertification for radiologic technologists. License recertification takes place on a biennial basis, or every two years. Listed below are the required number of CE hours listed by modality:

Radiography, R.T.® (R)   24 CE hours every two years
Nuclear Medicine, R.T.® (N) or NMTCB 24 CE hours every two years 
Radiation Therapy, R.T.® (T) 24 CE hours every two years 
Certified Limited Radiography (CLR), General 12 CE hours every two years
Limited Radiography, Chest 6 CE hours every two years
Limited Radiography, Podiatric 6 CE hours every two years
Limited Radiography, Chiropractic 12 CE hours every two years
Limited Bone Densitometry, Operator 12 CE hours every two years

To review all of the South Carolina radiology continuing education requirements, click here.

Where can I get my South Carolina Radiology CE credit hours for my license recertification?

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Radiology CE Courses

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Which EverLearn courses are the best for me?

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Radiology CE Courses

Do I have to report my CEs to the SCRQSA?

Technologists who are registered and certified nationally can choose to submit a current copy of their ARRT®, NMTCB, or RCIS national certification card to the SCRQSA upon license renewal in lieu of providing documentation of successfully completed CE credit hours.

Technologists who aren’t nationally certified but who were grandfathered in as such are required to provide documentation of successful completion of 24 CE hours during the recertification process.

Limited technologists are required to provide documentation of successful completion of the required number of CE credit hours for their modalities in which they are certified in. Reference the chart above. For example, technologists certified in Limited Radiography, General category are required to complete at a minimum 12 CE hours. Technologists certified in Limited Radiography, Chest category are required to complete at a minimum 6 CE hours.

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South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Associations governs continuing education for all radiologic technologists in South Carolina, including both limited radiographers and radiographers who are registered by both the state of South Carolina and nationally though The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists®. To ensure you maintain your certification, you’re required to successfully complete radiology continuing education (CE) hours each biennium, or two year license recertification period.

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