Tennessee X-Ray License Continuing Education Requirements and Renewal

For Full Certification and Limited Certification X-Ray Operators

X-Ray technologists and operators licensed in the state of Tennessee are required to renew their certification license every biennial renewal date. The biennial renewal date takes place every two years and coincides with the certificate holder’s birthday.

How many Radiology Continuing Education Course Credits Do I Need to Renew My Tennessee X-Ray License?

Part of the renewal process requires each technologist, full certification holders or limited certification holders, to complete 20 hours of radiologic related continuing education courses.

EverLearn Radiology CE Courses

The courses taken must be approved by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners. Courses approved by any of the following organizations are automatically considered board approved continuing education courses:

American Society of Radiologic Technologists
The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists®
American College of Radiology
American Medical Association
Tennessee Medical Association
Tennessee Radiological Society
Tennessee Society of Radiologic Technologists

Good news, all EverLearn online radiology CE courses are approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and are accepted for The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) certification and renewal, therefore the state of Tennessee will accept EverLearn X-Ray and radiology continuing education (CE) courses.

If you’d like to read the Tennessee license renewal and continuing education requirements for yourself, you can find a link to the full rules and regulations governing X-Ray operators at the Tennessee Department of Health website, X-Ray Operator’s page. Reference chapter 0880-05. In the rules and regulations document, proceed to page 10, section titled “0880-05-09 Continuing Education” to read the rules and regulations pertaining to continuing education requirements for X-Ray operators in Tennessee.

EverLearn Radiology CE Courses

Are there Specific CE Requirements for Tennessee X-Ray Operators?

Yes, 20 hours of radiology continuing education (CE) credits are required to be completed each two year license renewal period.

You can’t repeat a course in your two year license renewal period. Each course can only count once toward the 20 CE credit hours required each license renewal period.

Of the 20 CE credit hours required, 2 of the credit hours must pertain to the ARRT®’s standard of ethics if the technologist is fully certified. For limited certification holders, the 2 credit hours should cover content relevant to appropriate rules, regulations, statutes, and other subjects related to compliance in regards to holding a certification as an X-Ray operator or radiologic technologist.

EverLearn’s Radiography Patient Care I course, which is worth 6 radiology CE credits, includes content that pertains to ethics in patient care. Details of the ARRT®’s standard of ethics and rules of ethics are discussed in detail. Therefore, this course would be a good option for radiologic technologists licensed in Tennessee.

EverLearn Radiology CE Courses

Which EverLearn Courses Should I Take?

Since all EverLearn courses are Tennessee board due to the courses being approved by the ASRT, it really is a matter of personal preference. To obtain the minimum requirement of 20 hours of continuing education credits, we recommend the following courses:

Radiography Patient Care I - worth 6.0 CE credits
Radiography Patient Care II - worth 4.25 CE credits
Digital Radiography of the Chest - worth 8.5 CE credits
On the Edge with Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism - 2.25 CE credits

Another option, would be to complete two bundle packs of CE credits. Check out our convenient bundle packs and see if you’d prefer that versus signing up for single courses individually.

If radiologic technologists/X-Ray operators licensed in the state of Tennessee complete the four radiology CE courses listed above, they will earn a total of 20.75 CE credits and will satisfy their 20 hour continuing education requirement for Tennessee license renewal.

How do I provide proof of Radiology Continuing Education Compliance for my Tennessee X-Ray Operators License?

Providing proof of compliance with the State of Tennessee radiology continuing education requirements is easy. Follow the following three easy steps and you’ll be all set!

Make sure the course completion dates that are on your certificates fall within the two year period prior to your renewal date.

On the Tennessee board form during license renewal, you must attest (by checking a box or via signature) that you attended and completed the required radiology continuing education credit hours and that they were obtained within the two years prior to your biennial renewal date.

Lastly, you must retain proof and documentation of attendance and completion of all your radiology continuing education courses for four years from the end of the calendar year in which the courses were completed. If the board selects your license for random inspection and verification, then at this point in time you must provide the board with documentation of your completed continuing education courses.

With EverLearn, it’s convenient to provide proof of attendance and completion of your continuing education courses to the Tennessee Department of Health, Board of Medical Examiners. EverLearn’s online learning platform stores all your completed courses so at anytime you can always sign back into the system to re-download or access your certificates of completion. Also, a PDF copy of your certificates of completion are automatically emailed to you as well when you complete your courses. So, you can archive them on your computer or print them out and store them in your file cabinet. Below is an example from EverLearn’s online learning showing the storing of completed courses for a technologist. This technologist can sign into the system at anytime and download her certificates by clicking the “certificate” button of each completed course or simply view the number of courses and total credits she has completed over time.

Completed CE courses stored in EverLearn's online system

Image 1. The EverLearn online learning system stores your completed radiology CE courses so you can also access and provide proof of your completed courses at any time.  


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