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NCT Radiologic Technicians licensed to practice in the state of Texas with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) are required to complete 12 hours of NCT continuing education (CE) every 24 months. The 24 month period is based on the technicians biennial registration and not the regular calendar year.

In this 24 month period one way to easily fulfill the CE requirement is to enroll in NCT continuing education online with EverLearn!

South Carolina Radiology CE Requirements for License Recertification

Where can I get my South Carolina Radiology CE credit hours for my license recertification?

If your searching for an affordable way to obtain your South Carolina radiology CE credit hours without the stress and frustration, look no further! You can take EverLearn’s online CE courses to earn the number of CE hours required for your license recertification.

Tennessee X-Ray License Continuing Education Requirements and Renewal

For Full Certification and Limited Certification X-Ray Operators

X-Ray technologists and operators licensed in the state of Tennessee are required to renew their certification license every biennial renewal date. The biennial renewal date takes place every two years and coincides with the certificate holder’s birthday.

Where to Find Florida Radiology CEU Courses and How to Decipher the State’s Requirements

Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRT) or Basic X-Ray Machine Operators (BXMO or BMO) licensed in the State of Florida must complete continuing education as a requirement of license renewal. 

Each Florida State radiology license/certificate is valid for 2 years. Within that 2 year period, prior to renewing your license, you and all other Florida technologists must complete 12 hours of continuing education, otherwise known as Florida radiology CEUs. 

There’s good news! EverLearn is an approved radiology CEU provider with the State of Florida. 

Radiology Category A CE Credits: What They Are and Where to Find Them

Learn Why Radiologic Technologists Choose EverLearn for Radiology Category A CE Credits 

Every radiologic technologist certified by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) must fulfill mandatory continuing education (CE) requirements, earning 24 Category A CE credits each biennium. 

Radiology CE Credits: EverLearn Online Courses Take the Stress Out of Biennium Deadlines

Online Learning, Testing, and Certificates Make It Easy to Earn CE Credits on Time for the ARRT® Certification and Renewal

Earning your Radiologic Technologist (R.T.®) certification from The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) is a great accomplishment—but it requires ongoing work and diligent efforts to maintain that designation in good standing throughout your career. Not only must you renew your certification and registration each year, but you must also meet biennial continuing education (CE) requirements. Currently, all radiologic technologists must complete 24 CE credits biennially. Don't worry. EverLearn is here for you. We offer bundle packs of CE courses so you can easily earn all 24 credits.

Rad Tech CE Credits: Explore the Top 10 Benefits of EverLearn Online Courses

EverLearn Offers Many Advantages to Radiologic Technologists Interested in Earning Rad Tech CE Credits Online

As a radiologic technologist you have a number of options for earning the continuing education (CE) credits you require for license renewal. If you’ve ever dealt with the hassle of textbook-based courses that require you to mail or fax your post-test and wait for your results, you’ll understand why a growing number of Rad Techs are opting to earn their rad tech CE credits online.

Earning Radiology CEU Credits Is Simple and Stress-Free With EverLearn

Discover How to Access EverLearn Radiology CEU Courses and Earn Same-Day Credits Online

If you’re a radiologic technologist seeking continuing education unit (CEU) credits for your upcoming license renewal, you’ve come to the right place. EverLearn radiology CEU e-courses were designed to meet your needs in the most timely, flexible, convenient, and stress-free way possible. 

24 CE Credits Radiology with Immediate Access to Course Certificates

Meet Your CE Requirements for 24 CE Credits: Radiology Bundle Packs From EverLearn Make It Easy

Are you seeking 24 CE credits in radiology for your license renewal? EverLearn offers a convenient, seamless, and stress-free continuing education (CE) experience. Radiologic technologists can choose from a selection of individual courses or purchase convenient bundle packs of online radiology CE credits. 

EverLearn Radiology CE Courses Approved!

EverLearn is super excited to have six Radiology CE courses available for purchase. Take a moment and head over to the EverLearn store and check them out. Combined, the six courses total 14.5 EverLearn radiology CE credits.  And yes, all these EverLearn courses are accepted for The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) certification and renewal and approved for CE credit by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and State of Florida. So, if you are in need of X-Ray and radiology CE Credits this year, please consider giving EverLearn radiology CE courses a try! All courses offer a “Content Review” button so learners can easily navigate to relevant content during post-test. If you have any questions about our X-Ray and Radiology CE courses, please feel free to send us a message via our website contact form or call us at 888.978.5280.  You can also check out our video demos as well. Read on for a brief recap of a few of the available courses.

Small Bowel Diseases and Diagnostic Imaging Options:  This radiology CE course is approved for 1 CE credit. It is a text based course, similar to an article, and also contains some images. The goal of the course is to familiarize technologists with imaging options to aid in diagnosing small bowel diseases.

On the Edge with Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolism: This radiology CE course will throughly inform the learner all about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). It is approved for 2 radiology CE credits. It is mostly a text based course with images, but there is a short video demo and an audio interview with a CT technologist. Causes, symptoms, risks, and complications of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism will be discussed.

Thoughts and Understandings About Pancreatic Cancer: This radiology CE course is approved for 2.5 CE credits. The course covers the anatomy and physiology of the pancreas and how pancreatic cancer impacts the structure and function of the pancreas. The course will also cover different diagnostic imaging options and will discuss symptoms, signs, risk factors, and treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Introduction to Computed Tomography: This course is approved for 2.5 CE credits and is a video based course but also includes a text transcript for those that would prefer to read instead of watch. This is an introductory course and is great for a technologist that is new to CT. The course will cover the history of CT, advantages and risks of CT, image production, contrast media (both oral and IV), and cross sectional CT images with some associated pathologies.

That is just a brief introduction.  Head over to the EverLearn Store to see all the radiology CE courses that are offered!

Happy Imaging!