Multiple Sclerosis: Then, Now, & Tomorrow - 3 CE

$ 15.00

This online radiology CE course is accepted for ARRT® certification & renewal and approved for 3 CE credit hours (Category A) by the ASRT. 

National: Accepted for ARRT® Certification & Renewal
Florida: Accepted, Technical 
Accepted NCT, LMRT, GMRT, Indirect

Course Format: Online

The goal of this course is to familiarize radiologic technologists and other healthcare professionals with all aspects of multiple sclerosis (MS). The course will begin by defining multiple sclerosis (MS) and examining related healthcare statistics. Next, the course will look at the history of MS, types of MS, and explore the symptoms, signs, and potential complications of the disease. Diagnosing MS with the aid of radiologic lumbar puncture exams and magnetic resonance imaging exams is discussed. The remainder of the course will cover cause and risk factors, treatment options, care management, disease progression and prognosis, and coping strategies. The course will conclude with an audio interview where a patient with MS will share her story with us. The majority of the modules within this course are text with images.

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