Digital Radiography of the Abdomen - 5.0 CE

$ 25.00

This online radiology CE course is accepted for ARRT® certification & renewal and approved for 5.0 CE credits hours (Category A) by the ASRT.

National: Accepted for ARRT® Certification & Renewal
Florida: Accepted, Technical
Texas: Accepted NCT, LMRT, GMRT, Direct

Course Format: Online

The goal of this course is to cover digital radiography of the abdomen comprehensively. The course will begin by reviewing anatomy and physiology of the abdomen, topographical bony landmarks used for positioning, body planes, body habitus, abdominal quadrants, and clinical considerations related to disease process and pathology.  Next, the course will discuss patient preparation, radiation protection, breathing instructions, and marker placement. The course then focuses on digital technology (CR and DR systems), image capture, technical factors, patient and abdomen positioning, central ray placement, tube-part-image receptor alignment, and digital image evaluation criteria for all types of abdomen positions and projections including AP Supine and Erect, PA Supine, Lateral Decubitus, Acute Abdominal Series, Lateral, and Dorsal Decubitus. The course concludes with a review of digital imaging of the abdomen/chest for evaluation of nasogastric (NG) tube placement. The majority of the modules in this course are text with images. There are a few videos as well.

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